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Paying your HOA dues through your bank is free for homeowners!
If you received an invoice for your HOA dues in the mail, please pay electronically via your bank’s online bill pay feature setup for homeowners.
Please do the following steps once you log on to your online banking:

  1. Manually create a new payee for Deer Creek HOA Company/Payee Name: DEER CREEK HOA                                                                                                                
  2. Put your Customer Account# from the invoice you received in the mail (your property address or name not required).                                                         
  3. Add the payee address: 8925 Deer Creek Blvd., Montgomery, AL 36117                                                             
  4. After adding the amount from your invoice, click submit to pay.                                                                                                                                                                                              
    Note: If you already have an online bill payment setup thru your bank for Deer Creek HOA, please modify the payee name and account number fields as above. 

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Regular Board meetings are the second Thursdays every month at 5:30 PM. Check with the office for a link if the meeting is held virtually or if it will be held in-person.

                          Next Board Meeting is November 9th, 2023

Deer Creek office will be closed on the following holidays


New Year’s Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day – Thursday and Friday
Christmas Day and other days as approved by the Board.




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