Deer Creek Residents Association (HOA) Yard of the Month (YOTM) program begins May 2020 to highlight residents that have taken pride in the curb appeal of their property. 
First award for each POD will be the 3rd week of May.  See criteria below.

Judging criteria for YOTM Awards

Yard of the Month properties are judged solely on the exterior appearance of their property as viewed from the street. 
Yards will be judged on neatness, landscaping, and color.  Overall appearance and factors include, but are not limited to:

a. Tidiness and neatness of the front and side yards

b. Pruned and trimmed trees and shrubs edged and defined lawns, borders and flower beds, and a visually appealing façade.

c. Lawn will have healthy grass with no bare spots or excessive weeds.  Grass shall be mowed and edged, and grass around foundations and fences shall be trimmed.  

d. Landscape and Flower Beds are weeded, mulched and edged. Trees and shrubs
     pruned.  Efforts are made to improve upon builder landscaping, including the
     addition of color and through the use of flowers, trees, and shrubs.  

e. Walkways and Driveways:  Walkways and driveways shall be clean. Walkways,
    driveways and curbs shall be edged and free of debris and dirt.  Use of accent and   safety lighting for an improved evening appearance is permitted.

f.  Aesthetics:  The use of originality and creativity ( in accordance to the HOA
Covenant) to create an inviting front entryway and a positive overall look to the
landscaping and curb appeal with the use of color and textures, garden art, hanging  baskets and pots is encouraged. 
Miscellaneous: Trash containers must not be in view from the street.

Awards: The yard selected from each pod will get a letter of recognition and a picture in the Deer Creek Newsletter.  At the end of the year, all yards from May to October will be reviewed and an overall winner will be selected and win a $100 gift card. 



The following changes are in place until further notice:

  1. The gym (including restroom access) is closed.
  2. The playground is closed.
  3. The office is closed to the public. You may call the office during normal business hours.
  4. The following events have been canceled: Easter Social (April 5th), Swim Interest Meeting (April 9th), and Movie Night (April 24th).
  5. Yard of the Month (YOM) has been canceled for the month of April but will resume in May

When you decided to purchase a home or rent a property here in Deer Creek, you agreed to abide by these rules and guidelines. We under­stand that most of these violations are a result of an oversight or lack of useful information. If you are unsure of the Covenants & Restric­tions specific to your Pod, please contact the Deer Creek office.

These are the steps that we will take to ensure the enforcements of the violations:

• First and Second letter from the Deer Creek office

• Phone call and visit from the Neighbor­hood Pod Representatives

• Letter from Attorney (will include attor­ney fee)

We have included the top 5 most common violations below: 


Trash Containers – Trash containers must not be visible from the street. Trash containers must
be removed from the street on the day trash is collected.

Lawn Care – All landscaped
material, including flow­erbeds, shrubs, trees, and grass shall be well
maintained. Lawns shall be mowed, trimmed, fertilized and watered as needed.
Grass clippings, trash, and refuse should be placed in the open (curb) on a
normal scheduled pick up day;
Wednesday is pickup day of rubbish in Deer Creek. No rubbish should
be left on the curb before and after Wednesday.

Mailboxes– Mailboxes must be properly maintained;
remaining free of rust and damage as approved by the ARC with no further
inscription, painting, ornaments, or artistry shall be allowed. All numbers
must be
riveted to the mailbox.

ARC Approval Required— Landscaping
improvements, arbors, fences, pools, storage buildings, covered patios and any
such additions
be ap­proved by the ARC committee prior to installation.

Parking—Homeowners must provide for off-the-street
parking for all vehicles. Parking on the street in front of houses shall be
limited to temporary parking of guest and residents vehicles in current use and
currently licensed. Parking in non-paved areas shall not be permitted.
The streets belong to
the city.